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Special Offer The Pursuit Of God Our culture is always busy, but often with activities of little eternal significance. In this book, A. He reminds us that life apart from God is really no life at all. To pursue God is to know Him, and in our knowing, we are drawn close to God. Click below to receive this book for a gift of any amount, or call Moody Church Media at 1.

Many years ago I wrote hundreds of notes and articles for a unique Bible that was made specifically for new believers. Latest Broadcast Cracked Pots. We're not meant to go through our challenges of life alone, so we'd love to pray for you! Go to our Prayer Wall and click on "About Prayer". Many people who struggle with their self-worth can easily slip into a cycle of self-hate, characterized by destructive thoughts and often triggering self-destructive behavior. Simply fill out the form to download our free eBook for information about how to overcome these destructive patterns of self-hate and how to help a friend who may be struggling with it.

Special Offer The Unseen World Impacts You Daily If you want to live life to the fullest, you need to be alert, equipped, and engaged in the spiritual battle unfolding all around you. Discover the truth about the spiritual realm with Dr. Latest Broadcast The Cost of Victory cont'd.

The question is, where will you be standing when the storms of life come? Live with the joy and confidence of looking beyond your problems and having a closer walk with God, as He makes all things work together for good in the end.

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    The Truth About Testing, P Robert Jeffress. The Gift Of Conviction, Pa It was a direct reflection of one's life on earth where one continued to enjoy everything as before but without sickness, disappointment, or the threat of death. Once the soul had made the Negative Confessions Declaration of Innocence the Forty-Two Judges advised Osiris on whether the confession should be accepted.

    Four Sons of Horus - Four deities, Duamutef, Hapy, Imset, and Qebehsenuef, who watched over the viscera or the dead in the four canopic jars placed in the tomb. Each had his own cardinal point to guard, his own internal organ to protect, and was watched over by a specific goddess. Geb - God of the earth and growing things.

    Geb is the son of Shu and Tefnut, husband of Nut, the sky. Gengen Wer - The celestial goose whose name means "Great Honker". He was present at the dawn of creation and guarded or laid the celestial egg containing the life force.

    The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Rome | National Geographic Society

    He is a protector god who was worshipped very early in Egypt's history. Followers of Gengen Wer identified themselves with his protective attributes and wore talismans reminding them to respect life and honor the earth. He was god of the desert to the west of Egypt, son of the god Iaaw who was probably also a desert god. Ha provided protection from the Libyans and opened oases for travelers in the desert. Depicted as a strong young man with the sign of the desert over his head. Hapi - A fertility god, god of the Nile silt and associated with the inundation which caused the river to overflow its banks and deposit the rich earth which the farmers relied on for their crops.

    Hapi was a very ancient god whose name may have originally been derived from the river and who was a personification of the river at flood. He is depicted as a man with large breasts and belly signifying fertility and success. He presided over the north, had the form of a baboon, and was watched over by Nephthys. The work was so brilliant it was considered the work of a god and he was deified after death. Haroeris - The Greek name for the sky aspect of Horus the Elder also known as Horus the Great who appeared in the earthly realm as a falcon.

    Depicted as a young winged boy with his finger to his lips. He was venerated in Greece as the god of secrets, silence, and confidentiality. Hathor - One of the best known, most popular, and most important deities of ancient Egypt. She was the daughter of Ra and, in some stories, wife of Horus the Elder. A very ancient goddess, she was sent by Ra to destroy humanity for their sins. The other gods implored Ra to stop her destruction before no humans were left to benefit from the lesson. Ra then had a vat of beer dyed red, to resemble blood, and placed at Dendera which Hathor, in her blood lust, drank.

    She fell asleep and woke as the benevolent goddess who was a friend to all. She was the patron goddess of joy, inspiration, celebration, love, women, women's health, childbirth, and drunkenness. One of her names is "The Lady of Drunkenness".

    She was thought to live in sycamore trees and so was also known as 'The Lady of the Sycamore. She is further associated with gratitude and a thankful heart. The Greeks associated her with Aphrodite.


    She is depicted as a cow or a woman with a cow's head and evolved from the earlier goddess Bat. Her characteristics were later largely absorbed by Isis. She represented the hand, the active part, of the supreme god Atum Ra. Her name means "Foremost of the Fish". She arose from the totemic symbol of the nome province of the region around Mendes, which was a fish.

    Haurun - A protector god associated with the Great Sphinx of Giza. He was originally a Canaanite god associated with destruction who planted a tree of death. When he was brought to Egypt by Canaanite and Syrian workers and merchants, he was transformed into a god of healing. His association with the Sphinx of Giza comes from these foreign workers who believed the Sphinx represented Haurun and built a shrine to their god in front of the statue.

    He is known as "The Victorious Herdsman" for a popular spell recited in his name for protection before going hunting. Hedetet - Goddess of scorpions and protectress against their venom, an early version of Serket. Heh and Hauhet - God and goddess of infinity and eternity.

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    Heh was depicted as a frog and Hauhet as a serpent. Their names mean "endlessness" and they were among the original gods of the Ogdoad. Heqet Heket - Goddess of fertility and childbirth, depicted as a frog or a woman with the head of a frog. She was worshipped during the period of the Old Kingdom c.