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I love this cake. It turns out so moist and chocolaty. Why would you ever buy a box mix again? Thank you for sharing. Sift your powdered sugar before mixing.

The Best Vanilla Cake Recipe! - Add a Pinch

Would it be possible to change the ingredients to metric please. I really want to make this cake! Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for reaching out. I added the conversion information.

Made this cake followed recipe to the very end my family bust it down without the frosting LML. Can hot brewed fresh coffee be substituted for the hot water! I understand that coffee brings out the chocolate flavor.

50+ Easy Cake Recipes

The frosting is good with a little coffee to make it mocha. My mom made it for me when I was growing up too. Never found a better recipe! A big Thank You for the wonderful recipe! And to my surprise, it came out so good! That was my first chocolate cake attempt.

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My kids and I enjoyed the cake so much. Thank you once again for sharing the recipe online! So moist and delicious! Never any left at family events! I have 8 children so this recipe saved me more times then I can count! Thank you for making my little ones happy, and a busy Mom the best cake maker on the block!

Yellow Cake Scratch Mix

And it actually tastes just like a really good sugar cookie! I doubled the recipe and used 2 tbsp. This cake is moist, dense and abo I thinks it pretty crazy that people actually reviewed a baking recipe that doesn't have vanilla extract and salt, the two most crucial ingredients. I think this recipe is great with follow Be advised that this recipe as it stands is for a 9x9 cake not a 9x13 large cake.

I "taste-tested" it this past weekend to see if it was good enough to use at I made it twice in the same night. The first batch was perfect!

The batter was rather fluffy. I made it the second time aroun I've long ago learned to be skeptical of the results with white cake recipes.

They can be dry, tasteless, or have what some call a similarity to cornbread. I wanted a white cake that was moist, I made this twice last week, for both my daughter's birthdays.

Perfect Chocolate Cake from Scratch

The first time I followed the recipe exactly, and the cupcakes were a little dry, but still edible. The second time, I upped the va This is by far the simplest and tastiest cake recipe I've ever tried. I like to add a bit extra milk which keeps it soft and moist. I don't know why many people said that their cake was dense and dry, mine turned out fluffy and moist and yummy! This is a great Country vanilla sponge cake.

Vanilla white cake. Really vanilly whipped cream. Vanilla Birthday Cake with Caramel Cream. Basic crepes. Basic Waffle. Basic polenta. Basic Edamame. Basic popover. Noodle Basics. Now playing